Privacy Policy 

As the consumer, you have the right to be protected through this blog. As a lifestyle and college blog, we are not collecting information from any viewers who chose to visit this website. The only way of maintaining viewer information is when the viewer signs up through the newsletter form on the sidebar or sends a message using the contact page. This newsletter form allows viewers to receive blog post updates through email. The only information we receive from the newsletter and contact form is a name, email, and a website which is optional. As a subscriber, you will not receive any spam email or have any information shared.

Terms of Services

Viewers of this blog are allowed to comment on any blog posts as long as they are clean and contain no vulgarity. All comments will be reviewed by the blogger before being shown on the blog post. All comments are moderated by the blogger. Comments should add value to the conversations and be relevant to the blog post. 

Viewers are not allowed to copy and paste the writing without permission. If you would like to use any of the blog posts you MUST contact the blogger through the contact page. Photos are allowed be copied and modified as long at the photo is sourced back to this blog. There is no need to ask for permission to use photos. All blog posts are allowed to be shared throughout any social media. Unoriginal photos will have a link to take you back to the source of the photo.

Worksheets are free for all viewers to use for their own personal use and to be shared throughout social media. Worksheets from this blog cannot be used for promotional use or for blog use unless the viewer has asked for permission and has given a valid reason as to why they would like to use it. This must all be sent to the blogger. 


The blog TheAndreaLuna is a personal, college and lifestyle blog. It was originally called SocietyBeing and hosted through Wix. After a year-long hiatus, TheAndreaLuna was created in December 2016 through WordPress. The purpose is to inform high school and college students about the community college lifestyle based on my experiences. The blog posts and opinions expressed are my own. 

The pictures that are on this blog are a mix of my own and others. Pictures that are from other sources, either have a link to the source below the photo or when clicked on will lead you to the source. All disclosures will be posted at the end of a blog post or below a photo. If you notice that for whatever reason I have not given credit to someone’s photo please let me know so that it can be fixed immediately.

The Andrea Luna Blog is working with Amazon Affiliates. Posts that collaborate with Amazon Affiliates will be tagged, ‘Amazon’ and there will be a short description at the bottom of the blog post. 


If you would like to collaborate or have a link up please contact me via the contacts page. I will get back to you withing the next 24-48 hours. I love collaborating with other bloggers so please don’t hesitate. This blog will also accept sponsored posts, promote materials that are relevant to this blog, and all blog posts that are collaborative will have a link to the collaborator.  

If there are concerns or questions please send them through the contact page. Thank you for taking the time to be informed of these policies and for following them.

Last updated on January 2017