PRIDE 2017 in DC

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This past weekend was the Pride celebration. This weekend was the celebration of all LGBTQ and their rights but, there was so much more being brought up this weekend. Saturday, I attended the Pride parade and there was such a diversity around Dupont Circle and pride in the community. Everyone was equal and there to support each other and others were high, but that’s all the fun of going to a pride parade.

This was my first time attending a pride parade and it was so much fun! I was up front watching the parade pass by and there were so many people and organizations that support LGBTQ. There were also other rights shown on posters throughout the parade, such as Immigration and Black Lives. It was great seeing so much diversity and so many funny and fun performances and personalities.

Saturday was the Pride concert featuring Miley Cyrus and Tinashe. There were over 350,000 people! I couldn’t believe that I was there to experience this festival. There were booths throughout Pennsylvania Avenue and the concert was right in front of the capital. It was a great beautiful and hot sunny day to have this event and the energy was hot.

Did you celebrate Pride this past weekend?

Andrea Luna

Why you should join your schools Student Government Association

Each community college has a student government association or something similar, whether it’s a council or association. The Student Government of a school has the ability to make changes on campus. You can make changes from the handicap accessibility to, the ability to provide free prizes or cheaper textbooks on your campus. Have you thought about joining your school’s Student Government or Council? It’s not as bad as you probably think. Here are some reasons are to why you should get involved in your school’s Student Government/Council, whether it’s by joining or by keeping up to date with their events.


Getting Involved on Campus

Getting involved on campus is one of the most important things you can do at a community college. Get to know what clubs and organizations are on your campus. If there’s a student government/council check it out and attend one of their meetings to get a feel for how they work. You won’t know until you check it out!

You can gain Leadership Skills

It doesn’t matter if you have never been interested in being in politics or government but, being a part of a group like this can enhance your leadership and public speaking skills. If you are shy and feel that this isn’t for you, you could be surprised. For all you know, your best friends could be from that organization. Being a part of a powerful, voiceful organization on a small campus lets your voice be heard and if you love helping other students, then this is a great way to do it.


I love networking! Networking is such a great experience and you get to meet so many awesome people by joining your Student Government. When you join a student government it’s most likely that you will be able to attend conferences or retreats. Attend them because there you will be able to practice networking and improving your elevator speech.
I didn’t start networking until I started college and I have grown to love it, although there are still times when I get nervous. If you get nervous while networking that’s totally fine, you just need to keep working on it, and practice with your friends on how to start a conversation.  

You surround yourself with future leaders

Maybe you don’t see yourself as a future leader and that’s fine but, joining your school’s student government can change your perspective about that. Once you join your student government you learn so much about being a leader and how you can influence people with your story. For all, you know, you could be working with someone who will be working in Congress in the future. Look, you’re already networking and making a connection! See how it all comes around? 

Andrea Luna

Pros & Cons of Taking a Night Class


  1. The class is more relaxed
    • If you’re looking to take a class during the summer and want it to be less stressful then a night class is a great option. A lot of older students will most likely be in those night classes if you’re at a community college but, the teacher will be more understanding about day jobs and the fact that it is a late class.
  2. You have more time to get the assignment done earlier in the day
    • With a night class, you have the entire day to get homework done and study for tests throughout the day. When I took my summer night class I would always do my homework the next day and study all day the day of the test.
  3. Empty roads
    • Okay so after a night class you might be really exhausted but, it’s so nice driving at night with the windows down. Of course, you can’t really do this at night but, during the warmer weather, you can drive down the back roads or the highway without having to worry about too many cars. Who else loves driving on basically empty roads at night?!



  1. You should have a buddy system because you’re leaving campus at dark
    • As much as it is nice to be out and about at night you do have to be careful of your surroundings. As you have probably heard before, find a buddy/classmate that you can walk to your car with. You can also have the safe app that your school provides in case you don’t feel safe to walk back to your car. Just always be careful when walking back to your car after a night class.
  2. You can get pretty tired
    • Okay, so after a long day you must be exhausted and then you realize you have to go to your night class. One of the cons of taking a night class is that you can be really tired of working or taking classes all day and you might not be as focused. For days that I’m not awake for my night class, I always stop by my schools Starbucks and get any caffeinated drink to keep me somewhat awake.
  3. The class is too relaxed
    • So this kind of goes off of the first pro in this list. Yea, it is nice that a class is relaxed and not a stressful but, you don’t want the class to be so relaxed that you don’t learn anything. Make sure that you have a focused professor and keep yourself awake in class. Try to also not get distracted by the other students slacking in the class, if there are any.

If you’ve taken a night class before, how did you like it?

Andrea Luna


February Goals

I really want to post something this week on my blog, but I also want to be more personal with my blog. Because this is the first post for the month of February I thought, why not write out my goals for this month.

Today’s post, I’m sharing…

My goals for February

February Goals.jpg

Andrea Luna

PS. Happy Valentines Day!

5 facts about Virginia Community Colleges (VCCS)

I am a second-year college student at a community college. In high school, I knew nothing about community colleges and how influential they are. There is so much to a community college and just like four-year universities they are different from each other and have their own unique spirit. The Virginia Community College System began in 1966 and was created for students to receive higher education in the state. I attend one of these community colleges and as I strive to learn more about the system that I’m a part of I thought I would share a few facts about VCCS in hopes to educate you on what community colleges are about.

  1. VCCS began in 1966 by a man named Gov. Mills Godwin. He was governor of Virginia and he signed the legislation to have the VCCS. mills_godwin
  2. The first two community colleges in VA where Northern VA and Virginia Western
  3. The state of Virginia has 23 Community Colleges.
  4. At community colleges, the student’s from high school mainly come to earn an associate degree and transfer to a four-year university.
  5. It’s true that you save more money when attending a community college but the amount is a lot. You could either be spending over $11,000 at a four-year or $4,000 at a community college.


I found this Prezi where it gives full details on VCCS.





Andrea Luna

What is the Common Application


The Common Application is an online website that helps high school and college students apply to their desired colleges in simple, easy steps. This application is used by many four-year universities within the US. The students only have to fill out the basic information once for multiple schools.Presentation1.jpg

The common application is like any other application and should be done within a good amount of time before the deadline. Before creating an account on the common app check the application deadlines for the schools you are applying to. As a community college student, I will be using the common app to apply to the school I want to transfer in.

The Common Application (the Common App) is mostly related to high school students. Although high school seniors use the common app to apply to four-year universities, it is still used by community college transfers as well. The common application allows for students to fill out the basic student information such as name, address, current school, etc. The application is filled out once and then sent to the corresponding universities. Keep in mind, although the majority of universities within the US use the common app, there are schools that don’t take applications through the common app.


The Common Application “is a not-for-profit, member organization committed to the pursuit of access, equity, and integrity in the college admission process.” (TheCommonApp)

Read more about the Common App! 

Andrea Luna

How to: Organize an Agenda

I love agendas! I’ve always used agendas for school and now I use agendas for school, work, and events. Without an agenda, my life wouldn’t be as organized, not that it’s always organized, but it helps.

A while ago I bought the Blue Sky Planner but, you can imagine my excitement when I got the Lilly Agenda. As I figure out what to do with both agendas, I wanted to write this post for you about how I use agendas to stay organized.

Whenever I pick out an agenda I make sure that there are a month and weekly layout. I also like when there are enough spaces in the month to write down important events and times.

clone tag: -7304638685652830910

I like to have a notes column on the month’s layout. I use the column to write down the key that I’m using for that month. To know where I am in the month, I use a paper clip to keep the month and the current week together. Having this, I won’t have to keep on flipping through the pages to find what week I’m in.

The Blue Sky Planner 

clone tag: -6568252510224097530agenda-2

Blue Sky 2017 Weekly & Monthly Planner, Wire-O Binding, 5″ x 8″, Orchid (19574)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the planner with this pattern. However, I did find the same agenda just with a floral pattern.

What I love about this Blue Sky planner is that it’s small and has everything that I really need. It has the monthly layout and the weekly layout. The colors are black, white, and teal. I love that you can also put pictures in the cover to personalize it.

Lilly Pulitzer 


Lilly Pulitzer Medium Agenda, Tusk In Sun (Pink)

What I love about the Lilly Planner is their variety of colors and patterns. This is my second time using a Lilly agenda and I’m super excited. The stickers in the agenda are so cute and make the calendar layouts more personal.

Quick notes: This post was not sponsored. I am using Amazon Affiliates for the first time today in this post but do not expect that all my posts are going to be associated with the affiliates. These will just come up occasionally.

Andrea Luna 

How I decided to go to a Community College

My senior year of high school consisted of new friends, new experiences, and just like everyone else, college applications and a lot of decision-making. I didn’t expect my senior year to go the way it did. I didn’t get into a four-year university; my grades weren’t what I wanted them to be and not everyone understood my college decision.

I went to a Catholic high school and since freshman year it felt like I was constantly being told to go to a four-year university. Senior year I got a letter from small private college, in state and I applied because the application fee was waived. I didn’t know anything about the school nor was I interested in attending. I decided then to apply to two more universities that I still didn’t have a great interest in, but I was considering them.

Halfway through the application process, I stopped. I wasn’t happy with the schools that I was applying to but, I didn’t want to feel left out. I sent the application to the private school, got accepted, but told them I wasn’t attending their school. In November of my senior year, I decided that I was going to go to my nearby community college. January 2015 came around and I finally filled out my admissions application and I was so excited that I finally knew where I was going. I still felt a little left out, but I knew that this was what I wanted and I was happy with my decision.

I remember during lunch one day, my classmates and I were all talking about college applications and how some of them were still waiting on their top choices, and how nervous they were. I didn’t know what that felt like and whenever they asked me about my college decision I just said that I was going to a community college. As my last semester of high school passed I became more confident with my decision and didn’t let anyone tell me otherwise or let my decision influence how they thought of me.


5 New Years Venues in Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland

New Years is two days away and that means shopping for the cute new years outfit and figuring out where to go with your best friends or family. I love celebrating New Years and this will be the first year I’m going out with friends and not staying home. As much as I love staying home with the family for new years I thought I would change it up this year and go out.

Here are 5 locations in the DC area to check out for New Years.

The Double Tree Hotel in Crystal City


The Double Tree Hotel has the Skydome restaurant. The skydome restaurant is such a beautiful location to have dinner and get a great view of DC. They serve cocktails and I’m sure it will be a beautiful restaurant to go with a significant other to count down to the new year.

The Gaylord at National Harbor


I have stayed at the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor before and their rooms are so comfortable and cozy. I love this hotel and their Christmas show that they have every year. If you live in the area and just want to explore the hotel you can walk in and head to the floor with the restaurants and see the tree light show they have for Christmas. For those staying in the hotel, they have a lot of activities for kids and families.

First Night in Alexandria, VA 

First Night Alexandria is a great party for families and kids of all ages. I highly recommend this to high school students in the area to see the bands that play. Battle of the Local Stars is something that a lot of high school students go to.

Georgetown Waterfront 


Georgetown is a beautiful location to visit any time in the year and the waterfront provides many restaurants and sites to see during new years. Go ahead and walk around the waterfront and eat at a nice restaurant.

Staying In

Lastly, you can stay in for new years. Why not stay in and celebrate with family and close friends. You can watch the new years countdown on the TV, drink champagne, and eat grapes in the comfort of your home. However you spend your new years, I hope you enjoy it and have a great time!

P.S. Let me know if you’re family eats grapes on New Years too.

My Favorite bloggers & articles from 2016

Hey Everyone! Today I’m sharing with you my favorite bloggers/blogs and articles from this year. I have been putting of blogging for a while and I hope to continue with it this new year. Knowing myself, I know that I won’t post often but I will try to stay active in the blogging community and post whenever possible. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


Sazan Hendrix

I just found out about Sazan a few weeks ago after watching her youtube video about her blogging experience. Her blog is so beautiful and hearing her story about her blogging journey really inspired me to start blogging again.


I’ve been following Helene since I first started blogging, back when I had another domain and different blog theme. I have always loved attending some of her online courses and seeing her beautiful insta. pics.

Gabby & Hannah 

The Swirl Blog is so cute! I love their blog design and seeing how their blog grows as they work together. I love reading their tweets too, they’re so relateable and funny. I’ve been following them for a good while now too.


The Wise Willow is such a cute blog and I love seeing what she has to say whenever we’re on the same twitter blogging chat!

I like these bloggers not just because of their blog but also because of their social media!


Why I Teach Plato to Plumbers

I first found out about this article from my English Class my first semester of college and even though this was in 2015 I just wanted to bring it back because I think it really teaches us about how people are seen when they are uneducated. 

The Art of Repetition

I recently read this article and I just loved it within the first two paragraphs. This boy learned how repetition makes you improve with just writing thank you letters.

Me Talk Pretty One Day 

I found out about this article from my English class and believe me at first I didn’t really understand what the author was talking about. After a few reads and annotations it sunk in what he is trying to have us understand. I’ll let you figure that out. I noticed that although the professor was seen as harsh by the end I believe she did teach them the french language to a certain level.  

I would love to hear if you have heard or read any of these articles before. If you check them out let me know what you think.