I’m Andrea a community college student. I come from a Hispanic family and was born and raised in Northern Virginia (NOVA). I am a part of the Student Government Association. I have traveled to France, Canada, and Nicaragua.

How this Blog was created 

During the Summer of 2015, all I thought about was that I was done with high school and that I was going to college! I had no idea what to expect and as usual, I spent most of my time with friends or at the mall. Sometimes I would just walk around, browse, or sometimes read the books on display at the bookstore.

As any nervous high school student, I was reading the how to guides, the 100 rules to follow in college, or the 100 things to do once you’re in college books. I wanted to feel somewhat prepared.

I was going to attend a community college and live with my parents! I didn’t know what it would be like or have anyone to assure me.  

I couldn’t find a single book regarding first-year community college students. All I found was the “back to school” table with books specifically directed to four-year universities.

That’s why I started this blog! I knew that I wanted something written out to help me understand what I was probably going to go through at a community college. At that moment, I decided I would start a blog and hopefully teach others about community colleges based on my experiences.

So, for while I started my blog originally named Society Being and after two years at NOVA I redesigned my blog, changed to WordPress, changed my blog to theandrealuna and launched this website back up!

I just hope that you learn something from what I post and that we get to know each other.