How to focus on your Online Summer Class

Summer Class

It’s summer and we would all love to enjoy the time off from school and travel for three months. I would love to have traveled all summer and not have a worry in mind. But, like most college students, I was taking a summer class and it was fast paced and required my attention for eight weeks. This isn’t my first time taking a summer class but, this is my first time taking an online summer class. See there’s a difference, at least I believe so. To find out how to focus and stay organized with your summer class, here are four tips on how to do so. 

Having a vacation while studying

You will still be able to enjoy your summer! I went to the beach, worked and traveled while taking a three-credit English course.

Taking an online summer class is easier travel wise than taking a summer class that you have to attend in a classroom. When you’re taking an online class and your traveling you need to make sure you have accessible wi-fi and make time in your day to work on your school assignments. I spent my three-hour layover working on my three – page paper and I was able to work on it during my vacation at night when I was at home.

Staying Organized 

The summer can be pretty disorganized. You’re going out with your friends, spending days at the pool, getting a tan, and you have a test. You’ll want to schedule out the time you work on school. I used my agenda to stay up to date on when the assignments were due and what to do each week.

Be on Time

Being on time with your due dates can be kind of tough, especially when you’re working, and it’s summer. To be on time for your summer assignments, check every week for updates on the class and homework. By keeping up to date each week, you’re not left behind if there are any changes in your assignments.

Take it with you, On The Go 

This is similar to the concept of traveling, except you’re not traveling to another country or state, you’re moving around doing errands or working.

If there are assignments that you can print out or easily access on your phone, make use of that. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to wait in long lines or had so much spare time in my day that I would take out an analysis paper I was analyzing and start reading it and highlighting as much as I could. I would sit in a few doctor appointments and as I would wait to go in or wait for the doctor to come in, I was reading an article, writing my own, or just playing on my phone.

I couldn’t keep reading every day, every hour. I took breaks. Taking breaks is also a crucial part of staying on top of a summer class. Enjoy your summer!

Did you take a summer class this year? If so, how did it go?

Andrea Luna

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I'm Andrea a 20-year-old college student from Northern Virginia (NOVA). 
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