Pros & Cons of Taking a Night Class


  1. The class is more relaxed
    • If you’re looking to take a class during the summer and want it to be less stressful than a night class is a great option. A lot of older students will most likely be in those night classes if you’re at a community college but, the teacher will be more understanding about day jobs and the fact that it is a late class.

  1. You have more time to get the assignment done earlier in the day
    • With a night class, you have the entire day to get homework done and study for tests throughout the day. When I took my summer night class I would always do my homework the next day and study all day the day of the test.
  2. Empty roads
    • Okay so after a night class you might be really exhausted but, it’s so nice driving at night with the windows down. Of course, you can’t really do this at night but, during the warmer weather, you can drive down the back roads or the highway without having to worry about too many cars. Who else loves driving on basically empty roads at night?!



  1. You should have a buddy system because you’re leaving campus at dark
    • As much as it is nice to be out and about at night you do have to be careful of your surroundings. As you have probably heard before, find a buddy/classmate that you can walk to your car with. You can also have the safe app that your school provides in case you don’t feel safe to walk back to your car. Just always be careful when walking back to your car after a night class.
  2. You can get pretty tired
    • Okay, so after a long day you must be exhausted and then you realize you have to go to your night class. One of the cons of taking a night class is that you can be really tired of working or taking classes all day and you might not be as focused. For days that I’m not awake for my night class, I always stop by my schools Starbucks and get any caffeinated drink to keep me somewhat awake.
  3. The class is too relaxed
    • So this kind of goes off of the first pro in this list. Yea, it is nice that a class is relaxed and not a stressful but, you don’t want the class to be so relaxed that you don’t learn anything. Make sure that you have a focused professor and keep yourself awake in class. Try to also not get distracted by the other students slacking in the class, if there are any.

If you’ve taken a night class before, how did you like it?

Andrea Luna



About theandrealuna

I'm Andrea a 20-year-old college student from Northern Virginia (NOVA). 
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