5 facts about Virginia Community Colleges (VCCS)

I am a second-year college student at a community college. In high school, I knew nothing about community colleges and how influential they are. There is so much to a community college and just like four-year universities they are different from each other and have their own unique spirit. The Virginia Community College System began in 1966 and was created for students to receive higher education in the state. I attend one of these community colleges and as I strive to learn more about the system that I’m a part of I thought I would share a few facts about VCCS in hopes to educate you on what community colleges are about.

  1. VCCS began in 1966 by a man named Gov. Mills Godwin. He was governor of Virginia and he signed the legislation to have the VCCS. mills_godwin
  2. The first two community colleges in VA where Northern VA and Virginia Western
  3. The state of Virginia has 23 Community Colleges.
  4. At community colleges, the student’s from high school mainly come to earn an associate degree and transfer to a four-year university.
  5. It’s true that you save more money when attending a community college but the amount is a lot. You could either be spending over $11,000 at a four-year or $4,000 at a community college.


I found this Prezi where it gives full details on VCCS.





Andrea Luna


About theandrealuna

I'm Andrea a 20-year-old college student from Northern Virginia (NOVA). 
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