How to: Organize an Agenda

I love agendas! I’ve always used agendas for school and now I use agendas for school, work, and events. Without an agenda, my life wouldn’t be as organized, not that it’s always organized, but it helps.

A while ago I bought the Blue Sky Planner but, you can imagine my excitement when I got the Lilly Agenda. As I figure out what to do with both agendas, I wanted to write this post for you about how I use agendas to stay organized.

Whenever I pick out an agenda I make sure that there are a month and weekly layout. I also like when there are enough spaces in the month to write down important events and times.

clone tag: -7304638685652830910

I like to have a notes column on the month’s layout. I use the column to write down the key that I’m using for that month. To know where I am in the month, I use a paper clip to keep the month and the current week together. Having this, I won’t have to keep on flipping through the pages to find what week I’m in.

The Blue Sky Planner 

clone tag: -6568252510224097530agenda-2

Blue Sky 2017 Weekly & Monthly Planner, Wire-O Binding, 5″ x 8″, Orchid (19574)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the planner with this pattern. However, I did find the same agenda just with a floral pattern.

What I love about this Blue Sky planner is that it’s small and has everything that I really need. It has the monthly layout and the weekly layout. The colors are black, white, and teal. I love that you can also put pictures in the cover to personalize it.

Lilly Pulitzer 


Lilly Pulitzer Medium Agenda, Tusk In Sun (Pink)

What I love about the Lilly Planner is their variety of colors and patterns. This is my second time using a Lilly agenda and I’m super excited. The stickers in the agenda are so cute and make the calendar layouts more personal.

Quick notes: This post was not sponsored. I am using Amazon Affiliates for the first time today in this post but do not expect that all my posts are going to be associated with the affiliates. These will just come up occasionally.

Andrea Luna 


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I'm Andrea a 20-year-old college student from Northern Virginia (NOVA). 
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