5 New Years Venues in Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland

New Years is two days away and that means shopping for the cute new years outfit and figuring out where to go with your best friends or family. I love celebrating New Years and this will be the first year I’m going out with friends and not staying home. As much as I love staying home with the family for new years I thought I would change it up this year and go out.

Here are 5 locations in the DC area to check out for New Years.

The Double Tree Hotel in Crystal City


The Double Tree Hotel has the Skydome restaurant. The skydome restaurant is such a beautiful location to have dinner and get a great view of DC. They serve cocktails and I’m sure it will be a beautiful restaurant to go with a significant other to count down to the new year.

The Gaylord at National Harbor


I have stayed at the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor before and their rooms are so comfortable and cozy. I love this hotel and their Christmas show that they have every year. If you live in the area and just want to explore the hotel you can walk in and head to the floor with the restaurants and see the tree light show they have for Christmas. For those staying in the hotel, they have a lot of activities for kids and families.

First Night in Alexandria, VA 

First Night Alexandria is a great party for families and kids of all ages. I highly recommend this to high school students in the area to see the bands that play. Battle of the Local Stars is something that a lot of high school students go to. 


Georgetown Waterfront 


Georgetown is a beautiful location to visit any time in the year and the waterfront provides many restaurants and sites to see during new years. Go ahead and walk around the waterfront and eat at a nice restaurant.

Staying In

Lastly, you can stay in for new years. Why not stay in and celebrate with family and close friends. You can watch the new years countdown on the TV, drink champagne, and eat grapes in the comfort of your home. However you spend your new years, I hope you enjoy it and have a great time!

P.S. Let me know if you’re family eats grapes on New Years too.


About theandrealuna

I'm Andrea a 20-year-old college student from Northern Virginia (NOVA). 
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