Welcome Week 2016

Day 1 
Monday morning I went for a morning walk, just to wake myself up a bit. I got ready for my first day back to college putting on my tan wedges, gray shorts, and a simple purple top. I took my purple Jansport Backpack from high school and drove to campus.
I was super excited to be back but, I was nervous. I knew this was going to be a great year. So, BIO 101 is the only class I have on Mondays and we just went over the syllabus and class policies. In the morning I had the BIO lecture and then in the afternoon, I went back to the lab. In the lab, we just went over the lab procedures and got an assignment for the week.

Day 2 
Tuesday I worked in the morning on campus and then headed off to my Accounting class. So, everyone was walking into the classroom and waiting for our professor to come in. Once the class is about to start another professor comes in and tells us that our classroom was changed. So we all got up and walked down the hallway to the correct classroom.
My professor is really nice and she told us about her time working in Canada. After her going through the syllabus and telling us about herself the class ended and I went back to work. I worked for two hours outside talking to students about what activities are going to be held in the fall semester.
I ended my day by just heading home, eating, working on some last minute back to school stuff, watched Grey’s Anatomy, and went to bed.
Day 3 
Day three was okay. I worked in the morning again which was nice but, after my morning class (BIO) I was exhausted. I decided to head back home and take nap cause naps are awesome. I get some homework done and then headed back to campus to study a bit. Later in the evening, I went to my second class of the day which is a computer class.
Day 4 
Thursday was another great day! I went to my Accounting class and spent the rest of the afternoon working. We held a trivia game on campus and the theme was Pokémon. I didn’t realize how many people were so into Pokémon. Like they knew every answer to all the questions and were so happy to show off their skills! Some even got to list all the pokémons!
How was your first week back to college?

About theandrealuna

I'm Andrea a 20-year-old college student from Northern Virginia (NOVA). 
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