5 Tips: Visiting College Campuses


How does one prepare for college? Well obviously you need to know where you want to go and that means learning about colleges/universities that you think you will fit in well. Although I’m at a community college that means I still need to tour other campuses and figure out where I want to transfer to. Because I have visited a few schools already, I  decided to share with you five tips I think will help to make the drive and tour of the university easier. 

1. Check out the school online

Are you sure you want to go to that university? What do you know about it and what about it is catching your attention? You don’t want to waste your and your parents time in visiting colleges you have no idea about. Learn about the school from their website, email the administration, ask for school recommendations from you counselor. 

2. Plan and sign up to attend a tour/info session

Set up a date that you and your parents can go on the tour. My parents have gone with me to all the colleges, but they didn’t go on the tours. The tour is for you, the student and although it’s nice that your parents are there, this is mostly for your benefit.
When you sign up, pay attention to the time you chose and make sure you can wake up early enough to make the drive and get to the session on time. 

3. Pack snacks, fill up the gas tank and grab your music playlist

It’s most likely going to be a long drive and you want to be comfortable on your way to the university. Remember to pack any snacks and water for the drive the night before and to fill up the car tank the day before or the morning of. And don’t forget about the music, you can’t go on a road trip to college without an awesome music playlist. 

Get to the school early! You don’t want to be late to the info session. I try to get there at least 30 minutes earlier. Being there half an hour early allows you to check out the school on your own and figure out where the information session will be held at. 

4. Take in the campus 

Once you begin to take in what’s around; the students, campus, nature etc. You want to become familiar with the school especially if you are inching closer towards that school. Ask the tour guide questions and try to get a larger view of the campus by walking around by yourself.

In high school, when I visited one university after the tour my parents and I walked around the campus and after my own exploration, I knew that school wasn’t for me.

5. Write down what you thought

Keep in mind of what you liked and disliked about the campus and whether or not it’s an option you think would fit your learning style and personal style. Talk to your parents and get their input about the school.


About theandrealuna

I'm Andrea a 20-year-old college student from Northern Virginia (NOVA). 
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