Fondue, Fries, and Piggy Back Rides


I go to Northern Virginia Community College, also known as NOVA. NOVA has six campuses; Annandale, Alexandria, Manassas, Loudoun, Woodbridge, and Medical Education. Most of the campuses, if not all have a Student Government Association (SGA). At the ASGA, only four campuses participated this past weekend.

When I go to a conference I get super excited! I don’t think it’s going to be boring. When I get invited to attend conferences I’m all for it. I see it as a new opportunity to network, share ideas, and learn something new for a cause and myself. At ASGA, I had so much fun, especially the day my friends and I enjoyed together.

I got in contact with one of the NOVA SGA senators. She is super nice and outgoing! On Saturday, we led a meeting with a few of the SGA members. We had lunch together, went over issues we wanted to resolve, and got to know each other personally.

The girl I shared the hotel room is not only one of our SGA senators but also a great photographer. She took beautiful pictures of the four-day event and even better pictures of us just having a great time! I think they are so funny, looking back at how much fun we were all having. Pictures were being taken, funny moments were being made.

That was a great moment for the day but what we were all looking forward to was Fondue night! One of the girls had it planned for weeks and we met at a chocolate restaurant with a wall of all chocolate products and delicious fondue. Now we didn’t want to feel gross with only eating chocolate for dinner so we left to eat a Five Guys. Five Guys has the best fries and burgers and that’s what we got. I didn’t want to eat a lot after eating the chocolate so I just took everyone else’s fries. After that evening we left back to our hotel and I got things ready for the next day, the last day of ASGA.



About theandrealuna

I'm Andrea a 20-year-old college student from Northern Virginia (NOVA). 
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