What I learned when taveling solo

The first time I traveled alone was when I was 18. I left the country alone to visit family during vacation and although I had traveled before I had to relearn how to get through the airport. I always went with family and they would take care of everything. It’s been two years since I traveled alone and I love it. I got the feeling of, “I can do this”! In this post, I give you some travel insights when traveling to another country. 

Traveling Solo

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How to focus on your Online Summer Class

Summer Class

It’s summer and we would all love to enjoy the time off from school and travel for three months. I would love to have traveled all summer and not have a worry in mind. But, like most college students, I was taking a summer class and it was fast paced and required my attention for eight weeks. This isn’t my first time taking a summer class but, this is my first time taking an online summer class. See there’s a difference, at least I believe so. To find out how to focus and stay organized with your summer class, here are four tips on how to do so.¬† Continue reading “How to focus on your Online Summer Class”

PRIDE 2017 in DC

Pride 2017.jpgThis past weekend was the Pride celebration. This weekend was the celebration of all LGBTQ and their rights but, there was so much more being brought up this weekend. Saturday, I attended the Pride parade and there was such a diversity around Dupont Circle and pride in the community. Everyone was equal and there to support each other and others were high, but that’s all the fun of going to a pride parade.

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Why you should join your schools Student Government Association

Each community college has a student government association or something similar, whether it’s a council or association. The Student Government of a school has the ability to make changes on campus. You can make changes from the handicap accessibility to, the ability to provide free prizes or cheaper textbooks on your campus. Have you thought about joining your school’s Student Government or Council? It’s not as bad as you probably think. Here are some reasons are to why you should get involved in your school’s Student Government/Council, whether it’s by joining or by keeping up to date with their events.


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Pros & Cons of Taking a Night Class


  1. The class is more relaxed
    • If you’re looking to take a class during the summer and want it to be less stressful than a night class is a great option. A lot of older students will most likely be in those night classes if you’re at a community college but, the teacher will be more understanding about day jobs and the fact that it is a late class.

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